Sustainable mobility and mobility plans

Environmental, health and economic impacts, changing work patterns, attractiveness, quality of life in the workplace... there issues linked to daily mobility are numerous. Our daily commute needs to be rethought, and organisations have a major role to play by drawing up a Mobility Plan and deploying an appropriate and ambitious sustainable mobility policy, to help employees adopt new, more active and less carbon-intensive commuting habits.
Accompagnement Mobilité

Building your sustainable mobility policy

Understand, commit, act & mobilize

  • We help you in understanding your sustainable mobility challenges, by identifying, measuring, and analysing the social, environmental and economic impacts of the travel generated by your activities. By developing a mobility plan, we define and build with you your policy, your commitments, and your action plan in favor of sustainable, sober, efficient and inclusive mobility.


  • We also guide you in deploying and monitoring your action plan, as well as mobilising all your stakeholders through communication, awareness-raising and change management initiatives.

Mobility plan and impact measurement

Step 1

We help you draw up your mobility plan. The aim of the mobility plan, or employer mobility plan, aims to optimise and improve employees daily commuting habits, thereby reducing the associated emissions of pollutants emissions and greenhouse gases emissions, as well as improving the quality of life at work. The mobility plan encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation to the private car, such as cycling, public transport or car-pooling. It also encourages certain managerial practices and new ways of organising work.


The diagnostic phase of the mobility plan includes an accessibility analysis, a survey on commuting habits, satisfaction, and the potential for modal shift, etc. This pahse enables us to measure the social and environmental impacts of travel related to the organisation’s activities, and to identify the first steps to be taken to improve everyone’s mobility.

  • Plan de Mobilité
  • Enquête Mobilité
  • Déménagement
  • Flotte Automobile
  • Zones à Faibles Emissions
Diagnostic & Mesure d'impacts Mobilité

Defining your sustainable mobility strategy

Step 2

Based on the diagnostic phase of the mobility plan and the identified issues, we work with you to define your modal shift objectives and your commitments to reducing the environmental impact of commuting, improving the quality of life at work, and reducing the costs associated with daily commuting. We help you formalise your commitments by drawing up an action plan tailored to your specific context.

  • Politique Mobilité
  • Stratégie Mobilité bas carbone
  • Politique Voyage
  • Négociations Annuelles Obligatoires
  • Stratégie Logistique
Conseil Stratégique Mobilité

Operational deployment of your sustainable mobility policy and associated roadmap

Step 3

Sustainable Mobility Package (Forfait de Mobilité Durable – FMD in french) and other incentive schemes, inclusion of a low-emission zone (ZFE), promotion of car-sharing and public transportation, bicycle fleets and services, travel policy or telecommuting… we support you in the deployment of your sustainable mobility policy. Backed by our ecosystem of trusted partners, we can help you implement tailor-made solutions.

  • Plan d'actions
  • Pilotage
  • Suivi
  • Indicateurs
  • Forfait Mobilités Durables
  • Crédit Mobilité
  • Travel Management
  • Partenariats
  • Financements
  • Expert·es détaché·es
Déploiement Démarche Mobilité

Change management and promotion of your sustainable mobility strategy

Step 4

We can also support you in your communication and awareness-raising initiatives (Mobility Fresco, various events, etc.) to mobilise and engage your employees towards less carbon-intensive and more active mobility practices. We can also guide you in promoting your commitments and initiatives, by obtaining the Pro-Vélo Employer label.

  • Co-construction
  • Sensibilisation
  • Formation
  • Fresque de la Mobilité
Conduite du Changement Mobilité


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