Biodiversity strategy and ecosystem preservation

The pressure on biodiversity is constantly growing, leading to increasingly significant impacts on economic activities. Climate regulation, supply of raw materials, quality of life... In the face of these challenges, organisations must take action to preserve ecosystems. This requires assessing their impacts and their dependencies on biodiversity, and by drawing up an ambitious biodiversity strategy, aligned with their climate strategy. In addition to reducing pressures and contributing to efforts to mitigate biodiversity erosion and its consequences, we also need to implement an ecosystem regeneration approach and make a positive environmental contribution.
Accompagnement Biodiversité

Building your biodiversity strategy

Understand, commit, act & mobilise

  • We help you to understand the challenges you face, by identifying, measuring and analysing the pressures on biodiversity and your dependence on ecosystem services through a biodiversity diagnosis. We support you in formalising impact reduction commitments, by building an appropriate biodiversity strategy and associated action plan.


  • We also guide you in deploying and monitoring your biodiversity strategy action plan, as well as integrating the issues at stake into your businesses and practices, but also in mobilising all your stakeholders, through communication, awareness-raising and change management initiatives.

Biodiversity diagnosis and impact assessment

Step 1

By carrying out a biodiversity diagnosis, we identify the pressures on biodiversity generated by your activities, analyse the dependence of these activities on ecosystem services (supply, regulation, etc.) and identify the risks and opportunities for the organisation. This diagnosis enables you to identify and prioritise your challenges at site or sector level and those of the regions in which you operate, to reduce negative impacts and optimise your potential for preserving biodiversity.


We use recognised tools and methodological frameworks such as the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS), Biotope Coefficient (CBS)… to build or evaluate your biodiversity strategy.

  • Diagnostic de Site
  • Diagnostic des activités
  • Diagnostic des filières
  • Global Biodiversity Score (GBS)
  • Coefficient de Biotope (CBS)
Diagnostic et Mesure d'impacts Biodiversité

Defining your biodiversity strategy

Step 2

Based on your biodiversity diagnosis, we define your objectives, your commitments and your biodiversity strategy, in collaboration with your stakeholders. Our work aligns with your own specific challenges and impacts, those of your region and your business sector, as well as with your climate and CSR strategies.


Climate and biodiversity issues are closely connected. Climate change and its consequences generate direct and indirect pressures on biodiversity. In particular, the erosion of biodiversity alters the ability of ecosystems to regulate the climate.

  • Schéma Directeur Biodiversité
  • Stratégie Biodiversité
  • Intégration Stratégie RSE
Conseil Stratégie Biodiversité

Operational deployment of your biodiversity strategy and associated roadmap

Step 3

From actions to reduce your impact on biodiversity, to actively helping to its preservation and ecosystems restoration, we provide support in putting your biodiversity strategy into practice by defining, deploying and monitoring your action plan and associated indicators.

  • Plan d'actions
  • Pilotage & Suivi
  • Indicateurs
  • Aménagements Biodiversité & Pollinisateurs
  • Certification & Labellisation
  • Expert·es détaché·es
  • Financements
Déploiement Plan d'actions Biodiversité

Change management and promotion of your biodiversity strategy

Step 4

To enhance the value of your commitments and actions in the fight against biodiversity erosion and its consequences, we support you in your communication, awareness-raising and training initiatives to mobilise, involve and engage your stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) in your biodiversity strategy. We provide a wide range of event formats to suit your context and needs, including the Biodiversity Fresco.


We can aslo assist you joining the “Entreprises engagées pour la nature” recognition program run by the OFB (Office Français de la Biodiversité).

  • Co-construction
  • Sensibilisation
  • Formation
  • Fresque de la Biodiversité
Conduite du Changement Biodiversité


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