CSR strategy and extra-financial reporting

Facing socio-environmental challenges and the legitimate and growing expectations of customers, consumers and employees, as well as investors and legislators, organisations today need to reinvent themselves, and integrate a CSR strategy at the core of their business strategy. The sustainability of business models and activities, sustainable performance, market access, employer brand, corporate image... are all issues that require a commitment to an ambitious CSR strategy integrated into the organisation's business model. In addition, regulations linked to the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) impose a new framework for organisations in terms of non-financial reporting and reinforce requirements in this area.
Accompagnement RSE

Building your CSR strategy

Understand, commit, act & mobilize

  • We help you understand the challenges you face, by identifying, measuring, and analysing your socio-environmental impacts. We then formalise commitments to reduce these impacts, by building a CSR strategy and roadmap tailored to your needs.


  • We also guide you in the deployment and monitoring of your strategy action plan. We pay particular attention to integrating CSR issues into your businesses and practices, mobilising all your stakeholders and promoting your initiatives through communication, awareness-raising and change management initiatives.

CSR maturity diagnosis and impact assessment

Step 1

We evaluate your organisation’s CSR awareness and the maturity of your CSR approach. We measure and analyse the social and environmental impacts of your activities to better understand your challenges and those of your business sector. By identifying and prioritising your CSR challenges in collaboration with your stakeholders, we build your CSR materiality matrix or double materiality matrix, serving as the starting point for developing your CSR strategy.

  • CSR Diagnosis
  • CSR Maturity diagnosos
  • CSR Assessment
  • Digital solutions
Diagnostic & Mesure d'impacts RSE

Defining your CSR strategy

Step 2

Based on your CSR materiality matrix, and in consultation with your stakeholders, we work together to reflect on your business model. Together we define your organisation’s vision and raison d’être (the purpose), as well as the objectives and commitments of your CSR strategy. In order to meet the new regulatory requirements associated to the CSRD directive and the European taxonomy, we also support you in your compliance process which is a real opportunity to improve your organization’s ESG performance.

  • CSR strategy
  • Taxonomy
  • CSRD
  • SFRD
Conseil Stratégique RSE

Operational deployment of your CSR strategy and associated roadmap

Step 3

We support you in putting your CSR strategy into practice by defining an appropriate roadmap and associated indicators, and by steering and monitoring the operational implementation of the action plan, within a framework of continuous improvement.


From responsible purchasing, IT, responsible communication, human resources, and social dialogue, we guide you in the deployment of the strategy across businesses and practices. We can also help you identify and integrate financing mechanisms for your CSR approach.

  • Action plan
  • Reporting
  • Seconded experts
  • Funding
Déploiement et pilotage de la stratégie RSE

Change management and promoting your CSR strategy

Step 4

We support you in your communication, awareness-raising, and training efforts in order to mobilise and engage your stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) around your strategy, and to develop your professions.


We help you draft your CSR report and formalise your non-financial reporting, in line with the expectations related to the CSRD directive. We also guide you in promoting your CSR strategy, your commitments, and your actions through various CSR labels, certification or rating (B Corp Certification, EcoVadis, etc.).

  • CSR Report
  • Formation
  • Awareness
  • CSR Fresk
  • Concertation
  • CSR labels and certification
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CSR consulting: from impact assessment to defining and deploying your social and environmental strategy

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ekodev, a CSR consulting agency, supports you in defining and deploying your CSR and climate strategy. Diagnosis and impact assessment, strategic consulting, operational deployment, change management... together we build your commitments and your CSR approach. To reduce your impact and make a positive contribution to social and environmental issues, ekodev works alongside you in four complementary and interdependent areas: CSR, Climate, Mobility & Biodiversity.


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