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CSR, Climate, Mobility, Biodiversity... our CSR consultancy will support you in your CSR approach and related challenges.

A CSR consultancy to (re)awaken, inspire, guide and transform

Our vision and missions

Today, our business models need to be reinvented and transformed to adress the major challenges of adapting to climate change and transitioning to a more responsible society. Our CSR consulting firm is here to help you with three main missions:


  • To decipher your CSR challenges and socio-environmental impacts, considering your unique situation and business sector specificities. Understanding and mastering these issues is essential for a successful transition.


  • Inspire and guide you in defining your commitments and ambitions in terms of impact reduction, adaptation, and positive contribution, in line with, and beyond, national, and international regulatory objectives.


  • Make your transformation a reality, by infusing CSR throughout your value chain, mobilising your stakeholders, and promoting your commitments. Moving from commitment to action, a helping hand is often needed. Change cannot be decreed, it must be accompanied!


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Commitment, sharing, optimism and boldness: Core values at our CSR consultancy.

Our values

To successfully carry out our missions, we pay special attention to respecting the values we have defined. First and foremost, commitment, both in our support and in our practices. But also, the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience, and optimism to inspire commitment and action. And finally, boldness, to push boundaries with our clients and stakeholders, and rise to the challenges ahead.


These values, and our “raison d’être” (purpose), guide the corporate strategy of our CSR consultancy. This strategy is built around three main areas of commitment:

  • Missions that drive commitment and bring about change, through an impact driven business model, and the mobilisation of a committed collective that brings value to society.


  • An organization that promotes collective intelligence and personal fulfilment, by encouraging the empowerment and involvement of our employees, and supporting them in their development and fulfillment.


  • A committed approach and practices, by sharing our expertise and examplarity in our practices.


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Labels, certificates, and accreditations

A CSR consultancy with recognised commitments

Alone we go faster, together we go further!

Our ecosystem



The transition of organisations towards a low-carbon and responsible society is a necessity and a collective ambition. To contribute to this, a great deal of expertise and know-how, some of it technical, must be mobilised. To address to certain issues, we have been surrounding ourselves, and coordinating, with an ecosystem of trusted, competent and recognized partners since 2009.




In 2022, the EPSA group acquired a stake of ekodev. In addition to its renown and international reach, we have found EPSA to be an ideal partner for combining operational performance and CSR expertise. As a result, we can offer our clients a comprehensive and cross-cutting solution covering all their challenges, businesses and value chains, while benefiting from a laboratory for experimentation and innovation in CSR initiatives.

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