Climate strategy and carbon footprint

In the light of the climate and energy challenges, organisations must now adapt and transform their businesses to decarbonise their activities. Meeting regulations, identifying risks, controlling costs, improving operational efficiency, and contributing to planetary carbon neutrality are all challenges that require a commitment through carbon footprint assessment and the development of an ambitious climate strategy. In addition to accounting, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to efforts to mitigate climate change and its consequences, we also need to make a positive contribution and adapt to increasingly frequent climatic hazards and risks.

Build your climate strategy

Understand, commit, act & mobilize

  • We help you to understand the issues at stake, by identifying, measuring and analysing your greenhouse gas emissions through your carbon footprint assessment, and by formalising commitments to reduce impacts through the construction of a climate strategy and associated action plan, in line with your CSR strategy.


  • We can also guide you in deploying and monitoring your climate strategy’s action plan, integrating the issues into your businesses and practices, as well as mobilising all your stakeholders through communication, awareness-raising and change management initiatives.

Carbon assessment and impact measurement of your activities

Step 1

We identify and quantify the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of your activities, products (product carbon footprint), services or territory by carrying out a carbon footprint assessment. This analysis allows us to identify GHG emissions, sources, quantify and prioritise these and develop a relevant action plan to effectively manage and reduce them.


Through the process, we assess and analyse your environmental performance, and the associated challenges.

  • Bilan carbone®
  • Bilan Produit
  • Evaluation Environnementale Stratégique
  • Calculateur Carbone
  • Évaluation Climat du Budget
Mesure d'impact

Defining your climate strategy

Step 2

Based on the assessment of your greenhouse gas emissions and the issues identified through your carbon footprint, we define your commitments and objectives for reducing your carbon footprint and adapting to climate change.


By utilising recognised tools and methodological frameworks such as CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), SBTi (Science-Based Targets initiative), ACT step by step… we build or assess your climate strategy and define your decarbonisation trajectory, in line with national and international targets.

  • Stratégie Climat
  • Trajectoire de Décarbonation
  • SBTi
  • ACT® Pas à Pas
  • ACT® Évaluation
  • Séquestration Carbone
Conseil Stratégie Climat

Operational deployment of your climate strategy and associated roadmap

Step 3

From actions to reduce energy consumption (energy management, IT asset management…) and greenhouse gas emissions following your carbon footprint (decarbonization of purchasing, sustainable mobility…), to carbon offsetting of residual emissions, and adapting your activities to the effects of climate change, we support you in implementing your climate strategy by defining, deploying, and monitoring your action plan and associated indicators. We also guide you in finding and obtaining funding for your initiatives (Diag’Décarbonation, Pacte Industrie, etc.).

  • Plan d'actions
  • Pilotage
  • Suivi
  • Indicateurs
  • Reporting
  • Financements
  • détaché.es
Déploiement et pilotage Stratégie Climat

Change management and promoting your climate strategy

Step 4

To promote your commitments and actions, as well as mobilise and engage your stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.), we support you in communicating your climate strategy, and in raising awareness and providing training on climate and energy issues. Climate Fresco, 2Tons Workshop, MyCO2… we offer tailored awareness-raising programs to your context and needs.

  • Concertation
  • Formation
  • Sensibilisation
  • Fresque du Climat
  • Atelier 2tonnes
  • MyCO2
Conduite du Changement Climat


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